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Graeson A Airly Private Jet Member
Graeson A

The team at Airly is nothing short of communicative, fast, on the ball & a pleasure to deal with. After my first flight, I couldn’t imagine travelling any other way!

Melbourne member since 2018


Another edition of pooches on private jets

Nothing beats private jets and pets. During our bumper December we’ve been fortunate enough to take care of more Very Important Puppies including Chip. Chip the Chihuahua climbed onboard the 2019 Phenom 300 flying from Sydney to Ballina / Byron Bay. And we must say, Chip took the experience in his stride looking very calm, even taking a nap on […]

Phenom 300 most popular private jet for December

Having increased bookings in November by 100%, the team at Airly continued this strong performance in December. We increased our private jet bookings by 300% in December for a total of 31 trips with our operating partners. Nearly 40% of our flights were operated by the Phenom 300 showing how popular the light jet is. January is on track to […]

Imagine pairing your Phenom with a Porsche.

It can be some effort pairing your meal with the perfect wine. But imagine pairing your private jet with a car. Embraer recently turned heads partnering up with Porsche in providing an extremely limited edition duet of their world-leading Phenom 300E private jet with Porsche’s 911 Turbo S. There are only 10 of these ‘sets’ available at a price starting […]

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