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Airly is the fastest growing private aviation company that makes flying private simple, accessible and affordable.

How to fly

Pay per hour

Book from a streamlined fleet of jets for a fixed, all-inclusive, occupied hourly rate from $3,995. Don’t pay for empty positioning, overnight or lounge fees.


Where you need to be, when you need to be there. Hire a private jet to get you from A to B with zero fuss, transparent pricing and highly attentive customer care.


Initiate or opt into shared flights along popular routes from $1,195 per seat. Only pay for the seats you need and share with other sophisticated travellers.

Empty Legs

For low budgets (under $5k) we recommend discounted one-way flights known as empty legs. Book empty legs via our subsidiary EmptyJets.


One small step for a spacecraft, but, a giant leap for space travel

July is a big month for private space travel. Yesterday, Sir Richard Branson traveled into space, to “evaluate the customer spaceflight experience” aboard Virgin Galactic‘s VSS Unity. In nine days, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will travel into space aboard his commercial space travel company’s, Blue Origin, first flight. Both flights offer slightly different experiences, with one being a spaceplane and […]

Airly acquires EmptyJets

Airly, Australia’s fastest growing private aviation company, announces that it has entered into an agreement to acquire EmptyJets, a private jet empty leg booking platform. Founded in 2003, EmptyJets was the first company in the country to provide members with a unique opportunity to fly on a private jet at a fraction of the cost. EmptyJets’ leading position in the […]

Winter in the Whitsundays

Australia’s Whitsunday Islands, a collection of 74 tropical islands off the coast of Queensland, is less well known and less travelled than the Caribbean, but arguably more natural and unspoiled. Iconic with its crystalline Whitehaven Beach, turquoise water, Heart Reef, calm seas, and hilly archipelago, the winter dry season offers respite from the cold south-east with an average daily temperature […]

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