Access by Airly

Private Jet Card

Experience seamless travel with the Airly Jet Card—enjoy fixed rates, guaranteed availability, and access to luxury lounges. It’s the smart way to fly, designed for those who value their time and comfort.

Perfect For

Domestic travelling more than 3 times / year

Core Benefit

Fixed and occupied hourly pricing


12 months


From $11,950

Fly on your terms across the East Coast of Australia with our private jet card. Access exclusive rates with just 48 hours’ notice.  Enjoy the freedom and convenience of private travel, tailored for your busy lifestyle.

Unparalleled reliability

Only pay for the time you fly *

Instant, fixed and all-inclusive pricing

Streamlined and consistent fleet

* predicted flying time plus small landing loading (0.1-0.3) based on the size of airport.

Jet Card vs Charter

Streamlined Fleet

Cessna Citation Mustang

A compact light jet, offers a blend of efficiency, comfort, and performance ideal for short trips.

Cessna Citation CJ2

A versatile light jet, known for its spacious cabin, speed, and range, perfect for mid-range travel.

Two card holders, unlimited guests

The Access by Airly Jet Card permits the nomination of two primary Cardholders under its annual membership. Cardholders can be a business partner, friend, colleague, or family member. Each receive a card that provides equal privileges for booking flights.

Cardholders have authority to request and confirm Access flights. Cardholders have access to instant access to fixed, cost-effective pricing. Our Access booking system not only facilitates flight reservations but also streamlined management of itineraries, passenger manifests,catering and ground transfer requests.

The Access by Airly Jet Card features the ability for cardholders to bring guests on their flights adding flexibility to accommodate colleagues, family and friends. Importantly, these guests do not need to hold an Access Card themselves. This inclusive policy enhances the utility of the Airly Access Card, promoting a shared and adaptable travel experience.

Streamlined fleet for up to 6 passengers

Consistent, reliable, and predictable, our Access by Airly fleet is optimized for groups of up to six passengers. The program operates with a fleet of fourteen jets across our Program Area of Operations (POA).

4 Seats – Citation Mustang, a compact light jet, offers a blend of efficiency, comfort, and performance ideal for short trips.

6 Seats – The Citation CJ2 is a versatile light jet, known for its spacious cabin, speed, and range, perfect for mid-range travel.

For groups exceeding 6 passengers, a larger airframe will be sourced externally to the Access Program.

Save tens of thousands paying for the time you fly

Our card holders avoid the costly ferry fees. By submitting flight schedule requests at least 48 hours before departure, members enjoy ferry-free travel within the Program Area of Operations (POA).

A ferry fee is typically charged for repositioning an aircraft. For one-way Ad Hoc charters, this means paying for the aircraft to return empty, which can add up to tens of thousands of dollars to your trip.

Our program is designed differently. We charge only for the occupied hours you fly, leveraging our network efficiencies to pass on significant savings to our members.

48 hours is all we need

Book effortlessly with just 48 hours’ notice. To ensure seamless service, our jet card holders are required to provide their flight schedule and details at least 48 hours before departure. This advance notice helps us optimise your travel experience.

Requests inside of this 48-hour window are considered last minute and are subject to availability as well as potential ferry fees. For flights during peak periods, a minimum of 72 hours’ notice is required. This streamlined booking process underscores our dedication to providing Access members with exceptional convenience and flexibility, ensuring your travel arrangements are effortless.

From Adelaide to Airlie Beach and everywhere in between

Card holder rates are applicable to flights within the gold-lined area.  Unsure if your home airport is serviced?  Send us a message below.


The most fixed and transparent pricing

Flights are priced by multiplying the point-to-point flight time by the occupied hourly rate.

An Arrival Loading is applied for each occupied landing to account for descent, approach and landing. The Arrival Loading takes into account airport size, traffic density, air traffic control requirements and complexity. The Loading will be between 0.1 and 0.3 hours.

A minimum charge of one (1) hour applies on all flights that have an occupied flight time of sixty (60) minutes or less not including the applicable Arrival Loading.

Pricing includes access to arrival and departure lounges within standard hours of operation (where available) as well as standard catering (allowance of up to $150 per flight).

Additional services including vehicle transfers, helicopter transfers, concierge services, second pilot, specialised catering and out of hours handling can be arranged for an additional fee.

Never leave your loved ones in the cargo hold

Ally and Jason are successful business owners, but traveling with their beloved Ollie the labradoodle wasn’t easy. They either had to organise sitters, boarding kennels, or throw Ollie into the cargo hold with their bags. Thanks to our program and Pets on Jets policy, Ollie can join Ally and Jason in the cabin at no extra cost.

The Process

Purchase Card

For an annual membership of $11,950, you and a second card holder will each receive a premium metal card, granting equal booking privileges. This membership opens the door to exclusive card-holder rates and other travel perks.


Leverage Airly’s cutting-edge technology to effortlessly search, select, and secure your flight. Choose between the four-seat Citation Mustang or the spacious Citation CJ2, tailored to your itinerary. Enjoy instant access to fixed, cost-effective pricing – an exclusive benefit reserved for our card holders.


With a combined fleet of fourteen jets at your service, say goodbye to cancellations and travel disruptions. Experience the simplicity and comfort of flying from point A to B, with the assurance of top-tier reliability and convenience. Your journey with Airly is more than just a flight; it’s the epitome of hassle-free travel.

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