Fractional by Airly

Discover the value of fractional private jet ownership with Australia’s pioneering ownership program: Fractional by Airly.

Curated by the highly respected and trusted aviation brand in Airly, Fractional by Airly opens the door to individuals and companies looking to own a share of luxury, flexibility, and convenience without the commitment of full ownership.

By owning a fraction, be it 25% or 50%, you significantly reduce the upfront capital outlay otherwise experienced when purchasing a private jet and can share the ongoing costs with like-minded owners.

Under the trusted management of Airly, you can be assured your asset will be well utilised allowing sound revenue opportunities via annual owner distributions.

Elevate your journey with Fractional by Airly – a new era of aviation awaits.

How it works

Fractional by Airly provides 25% and 50% interests in modern and efficient light jets.  This ownership allows you a set amount of available days proportional to your share with no limit on flying hours for those days.  Enjoy the benefits of sharing the costs with like-minded owners and receiving owner distributions each year for when your asset conducts revenue generating, non owner, flights.


To purchase the interest in a particular aircraft.  You or your company will own a portion of a physical asset – not a virtual one, bringing with it tax and depreciation benefits (seek independent tax advice).

Annual Fee

Covers the fixed expenses associated including hanger space, insurance, pilot salaries, training and development and more.  These fees are shared equally by the owners.

Hourly Rate

The hourly rate paid when you fly.  It covers fuel, maintenance and crew-related expenses for the use of your aircraft.  This rate is reviewed quarterly based on fuel prices.

Current opportunities

We are excited to present the following opportunities for discerning fractional owners.

2019 Phenom 300E

Number of shares available:  4 (25% ownership each)
Date of Delivery:  January 2024
Status:  Open
Location:  Melbourne / Essendon

2009-2013 Phenom 100

Number of shares available:  8 (25% ownership each x two aircraft)
Date of Delivery:  January 2024
Status:  Open
Location: Melbourne / Essendon & SE QLD

Imagine fractional ownership (or lease) as an elevated version of a timeshare. It’s about acquiring a portion of the aircraft that suits your needs, usually in 1/2 or 1/4 shares.

Unlike other programs, Fractional by Airly operates on a set number of days allocation with unlimited flight hours*, maximizing your share. Plus, your aircraft and crew accompany you throughout the day, ensuring unrushed journeys.

* based on crew duty limitations set out by the regulator

Fractional by Airly shares are available in 25% or 50% increments depending on the asset in question.  25% share allows 60 days of use and 50% allows 120 days of use.

Pricing harmonizes three components: acquisition cost, annual fee, and variable hourly rate. Connect with our team for specific pricing.

Low annual expenses punctuate our fractional ownership, dispersing aircraft overheads amongst owners. These fixed costs encompass hangar rent, pilot salaries, training, insurance, and more. Dial in for precise details and pricing.

The variable hourly rate mirrors your aircraft usage charge. It envelops aircraft and engine maintenance, fuel, cleaning, and light refreshments.

Absolutely. As a fractional owner, you possess an undivided stake in your aircraft, unlocking potential tax benefits (consult your accountant for specific advice).

You absolutely can, reach out to the Airly team to organise a private viewing.

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