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EmptyJets by Airly

Access to one-way private jets at heavily discounted prices.

Save up to 90% off standard charter rates.

Priced for entire aircraft.  Fly solo or bring your friends.

Comparable to airline ticket prices per seat.

Private Jet Empty Legs are a great way for travellers to experience private aviation at a fraction of the usual cost.  Be sure to read our FAQs before booking.

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What is an Empty Leg Flight

An empty leg flight occurs when a private aircraft needs to fly to a specific location without any passengers.

This situation typically arises when a jet returns to its home base after a one-way flight, relocates for maintenance, or needs to position itself for a subsequent client’s booking.

These unoccupied flights, often called ferry flights, present an opportunity for travelers to experience private jet travel at significantly reduced costs—sometimes up to 90% less than typical chartered jet prices.

Since the aircraft type, departure date and time, and destination are all pre-determined based on the aircraft’s or charter client’s needs, the specifics of an empty leg flight are usually confirmed only a few days prior to departure.

This requires passengers to be flexible with their travel plans but provides a cost-effective way to experience luxury air travel.

How to book an Empty Leg Flight

Empty Legs must be booked via the Airly app which can be downloaded here.  This way you’ll be able to view, book and manage your empty legs with ease.

How much is an Empty Leg Flight

Airly provides access to Empty Jets Flights at substantially lower costs than traditional charter flights.

The pricing for Empty Leg flights is set by the operator and varies based on the aircraft type and flight route.

Prices start from $2,500 for 4-seat jets operating short domestic routes. For international routes, pricing begins at $10,000. This cost covers the entire jet, not per person.

Clients booking an Empty Jet Flights are encouraged to fully utilise all the available seats on their designated aircraft.

*When the jet is at full capacity, the cost per person (PPP) often compares to that of a commercial airline ticket. It’s important to note that seats cannot be purchased individually.

What does an Empty Leg Flight Booking include

Your booking covers your air travel from the listed departure airport to the listed arrival airport. This includes fuel, airway charges, landing fees and handling fees (if applicable).

Additional services, such as catering and ground transportation to and from the airports, may be requested and arranged for an extra charge.

Please note that any flight delays attributed to Empty Jets passengers may result in any additional operational expenses incurred being passed on to the passengers.

Can I change an Empty Leg's schedule?

If an empty leg flight nearly matches your schedule but not your exact destination, we invite you to speak with our team.

We may be able to modify departure times or adjust the flight route to better accommodate your needs.

Please note that any changes are contingent upon several factors, including approval from the operator, availability of airport slots and crew duty restrictions.

Potential additional charges may also apply to cover extended flight time, extra landings, and other considerations.

Charter vs Empty Legs

Empty leg private flights provide a luxurious and budget-friendly travel option, though they are bound by predetermined departure points, destinations, and schedules.

This scheduling approach contrasts with the flexibility typically associated with private jet charter, which many of our clients find essential for accommodating their dynamic schedules.

If your travel needs require strict adherence to specific times and locations, an empty leg flight may not meet your needs.

Things to know before you book

Empty Leg Flights are secondary legs of pre-booked journeys. This means the plane is generally repositioning to facilitate a full paying private charter flight.

Consequently, your departure date and time hinges on the previous flight’s schedule, including any potential delays or changes.

Flexibility is crucial when booking an empty leg flight, as last-minute cancellations of the original flight will necessitate alternative travel arrangements.

If a change in the departure date or time does not suit your requirements you are entitled to a refund of booking cost minus any payment processing fees.

Booking terms and conditions

Due to the pricing nature and advantage of empty legs, an empty leg can be cancelled at any time with or without notice to Passenger due to scheduling changes, mechanical issues with the aircraft, pre and post empty leg flight cancellations (i.e full paying customers that facilitate said empty leg), crew duty limitations, medical condition of the crew, and any other Force Majeure-related reason the Operator provides.

Passenger understands and agrees that Airly does not guarantee, is not obliged to, and will not provide a replacement aircraft in the event an empty leg is cancelled for any reason.

Airly will only be liable for the reservation fee paid by the Passenger.

Furthermore, Airly will not be held liable for compensation or additional account credit, lost opportunity costs, substitute travel arrangements and associated expenses or any other damages.

For full booking terms and conditions visit