How to Fly

Air travel, better

Airly’s mission is to provide a simplified approach to private aviation by making our products more accessible at a more reasonable price.  Discover how you can fly with us.

How to Fly

Pay per hour

Book from a streamlined fleet of jets for a fixed, all-inclusive, occupied hourly rate from $3,995. Don’t pay for empty positioning, overnight or lounge fees.


Where you need to be, when you need to be there. Hire a private jet to get you from A to B with zero fuss, transparent pricing and highly attentive customer care.


Initiate or opt into shared flights along popular routes from $1,195 per seat. Only pay for the seats you need and share with other sophisticated travellers.

Empty Legs

For low budgets (under $5k) we recommend discounted one-way flights known as empty legs. Book empty legs via our subsidiary EmptyJets.

Product Comparison

Not sure which product is right for you?  Scroll below and make contact with Airly’s member care team who can guide you through the options and find a solution fit for your needs and budget.

ACCESS Charter SHARED Empty Legs
Membership fee $9,950 / yr $0 $0 $12.95/mo
Booking fee $0 2.5-10% of total price $0 5% of total price
Pricing / Rates $3,995 / hr Dynamic From $1,195 / seat Dynamic
Fixed aircraft options? Yes No Yes Yes
Immediate Confirmation? Yes Yes No * Yes **
Dedicated Member Care Agent? Yes Yes Yes No
* SHARED flights are subject to activation based on numbers and availability
** Empty Legs are subject to change based off the full paying charter's schedule

Not sure where to start?

We’re all about making private easy to understand.  So if you’re not sure where to start, make contact with our team below and we’ll be in touch to help guide you through our range of products.

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