Private Jet App

Using a private jet app saved us $3,000

A private jet app in Australia?

You read correctly, back in 2018 Airly was the first Australian private jet business to launch a dedicated private jet app. The idea was streamline and simplify the reservation process while easily displaying trip itineraries.

Over the years we continued to add or adjust as our business developed. And our app has even more incredible updates in the works.

By simply booking a private jet via the Airly app customers recently saved just under $3,000 on a Sydney to Gold Coast flight.

Private Jet App

We provide these market-leading rates without the need to sign up to a membership, or pay an annual fee.

These rates are available to anyone using the app.

But why are others more expensive?

At Airly we do things a little differently.

Due to our expansive network of customers along the East Coast we are able to be more efficient. By ‘threading’ flights together we can save money on empty flying and pass those savings onto the consumer.

Our vision was, is, and always will be private aviation made simple, accessible and more cost-effective.

By launching our now at-capacity and invite only card program, we tested a theory around affordability. That is if we could make flying private a little more within reach, would more people use us?

After 18 months of the card program’s operation, the answer to that theory has been a resounding yes, just take a look at our private jet card year in review article.

The airlines let George down, so he did something about it

Time after time, George was being let down.

If you’re a busy individual like George, running multiple businesses, travelling frequently with a young family at home, his story would be familiar.

George frequently travels between Melbourne and Sydney for his businesses, avoiding overnights so he could spend more time at home with his family.

This entailed a carefully planned day trip – and required his commercial flights to run on time (or close enough to).

But year after year, declining on time performance and growing cancellation rates let him down. His Platinum status providing little value with the airline duopoly.

Then came the final straw, having his day in Sydney planned to the minute, all meetings ticked off and en route to the airport, his flight was cancelled and subsequently rebooked the following day.

This was George’s ‘ah ha’ moment.

He knew of private aviation already, chartering once or twice a year as well as booking empty legs.

But while in his hotel room in Sydney he came across Access by Airly.

A product where he could trust us to get him where he needed to be, when he needed to be there.

Not just that, providing this service for a fixed price enabling him to budget annual travel expenses.

This sole decision put George back in control of his day, gifting him more time and the certainty that he would be home in time for dinner with his young family.

Access by Airly achieves 500 hour milestone

Over seven months, between launching Access by Airly in June 2021 to January 2022, the program clocked 50 hours flown or booked by card holders on the Citation Mustang 510 aircraft.

Between January and March 2022 a further 50 hours were clocked, bringing the total hours flown to 100.

In the seven months between March and September 2022 a phenomenal 450 hours have been flown by Access by Airly card holders.

Thank you to our travellers and card holders for their trust and belief.

Keeping a distance from crowded terminals

Travel is well and truely back post-pandemic as we witness the airlines struggle to keep up with demand.

As the world gets back to normal, some discerning travellers still seek and appreciate space, hygiene and social distancing.

The average commercial flight can bring you into contact with 700 touch points.

This was one of the reasons why private aviation boomed during the pandemic. Private jet users are keep away from the terminals and crowded cabins.

The ability to keep clear of crowded airports and cabins was another reason that drew Ola, a fast-paced business owner in the cosmetic space, to Access by Airly.

Reduced touch points, flexibility and the shear convenience played their part in keeping Ola healthy and at her best.

Seamless and stress free travel, whether you’re on the clock or clocking off

Airline On Time Performance (OTP) for July was atrocious, which should be concerning for any business or leisure traveller.

The role of an airline when accepting your payment is to safely move you from A to B, at the date and time with which you book. But, Australian travellers can and should expect more than this common excuse.

We’re extremely lucky in Australia that our national airline safety record is among the best in the world.

But, in terms of arriving on the date and time as scheduled, the airlines are grossly failing (55% of the time airlines were on time), and that is if they get you there at all (6.4% average cancellation rate).

This doesn’t even consider the unfortunate experience some travellers encountered in queuing for hours outside the terminal, curbside; or being told they weren’t ‘match fit’ for travel.

This ongoing decline of the airlines was what led Ola, a fast-paced and energetic business leader in the cosmetics industry, to seek an alternative.

Despite Ola’s high Frequent Flyer status and ability to use her business-trip accumulated points for regular holidays with her young family, Ola needed certainty as her quality of travel and subsequently life and job were being affected.

The unreliability was impacting her business trips, at best adding delays, and often resulting in cancelled client or supplier meetings. Even her holidays this year were impacted – compounded by the fact Ola was flying with her two young children.

Ola came across Airly and our Access program on social media, which immediately appealed.

A single product that allowed her to travel for business and leisure.

A profound increase to reliability, convenience, and flexibility when travelling on business, and the most enjoyable experience when flying with her family. And, of course, peace of mind that Ola and her family are flying in a proven aircraft, underpinned by a strong safety system.

Are there any additional fees when flying private with your pet?

No, of course not, we’re not an airline!

You are welcome to bring your pet(s) along with you when flying private under the Access by Airly program at no extra charge.

This is of course on the provision your pets fit safely into the Cessna Citation Mustang cabin!

Some tips to make travelling with your pet stress-free

  1. Make sure you bring an IATA-approved travel carrier with you. Although we’ll allow most pets out of the cage once onboard they are still required to be contained before boarding and upon landing. No one wants to be chasing an escapee on the tarmac.
  2. Bring along a blanket or bed that has a familiar scent. This will help reduce the natural anxiety experienced by most pets in unfamiliar environments.
  3. Make sure your pet is hydrated and has had plenty of opportunity to expel some energy and empty their bladder so there’s no mishaps at 35,000ft.

Aside from that, enjoy how simple it is travelling with your furry family members.