Project Green

Airly partners with Carbon Positive Australia to offset card program

Airly is proudly an Australian business. 

In 2019 we recognised that as a growing business, we needed to be environmentally responsible.  We spent a lot of the year researching carbon offset programs, and were largely disappointed at the low number of Australian businesses addressing this, as well as the lack of suitable domestic carbon reduction programs that brought additional environmental & social benefits.

This year we committed to becoming a carbon positive organisation, we have calculated our ACCESS by Airly carbon footprint and are actively reducing our operational emissions via improved utilisation of assets, environmentally-friendly catering accessories and championing the importation of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF).

We have committed to offsetting our unavoidable or remaining emission through Carbon Positive Australia (CPOZ).  CPOZ is a registered Australian charity, that has been restoring degraded land and sequestering carbon through biodiverse native tree planting for the last 21 years.

Carbon Positive Australia met all the criteria that we needed: an Australian organisation, Australian restoration projects, auditable, simple & transparent reporting where over 95% of the funds are directed towards project execution rather than administrative expenses.

We’re proudly an Australian business, and we’re even more proud to say that as from March onwards we offset 100% of our ACCESS by Airly program.

Challenger 350 private jet

Montreal becomes the first facility outside the USA to take delivery of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)

Bombardier is making solid progress on its commitment to reduce the carbon footprint of private aviation by announcing their first shipment of Sustainable Aviation Fuel outside of the US.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is created from renewable sources, but mimic the chemistry of petroleum jet fuel and can be used in today’s aircraft and engines without modification and provide the same level of performance and safety as today’s petroleum-derived jet fuel.

Montreal has become the first facility outside of the US to take shipment of SAF.

The arrival of 27,600 litres (7,300USgal) of cooking oil-based biofuel at the Dorval manufacturing plant also represents another step in the airframer’s ambition to secure a long-term supply of SAF across its global facilities, as sustainable fuel becomes more readily available.

This shipment will fuel the Challenger 350 (pictured) and 650 jets, but plan to boost supply in 2020 to include the new Global range.

Bombardier Challenger 350

Original article via Flight Global.