Private jet offsets near 1,000T of Co2 in 12 months for Airly

private jet offsets

In April 2022 Airly committed to private jet offsets via a partnership with charity Carbon Positive Australia.

Our commitment to our card holders and customers was to offset the hours flown on the Cessna Citation Mustang every month at no extra cost to them.

We chose Carbon Positive Australia as they’re based locally and put their private jet offsets into local reforestation projects and other initiatives.

At the time of writing, Airly has offset 728 tonnes of Co2 through this partnership and expects to surpass 1,000 tonnes later this year.

As an industry, aviation is well behind when it comes to alternate fuels, electrification and greener ways to do business.

During this partnership we committed to project GREEN.

The simplest step was offsetting our flying hours each and every month through the Carbon Positive Australia partnership.

Beyond that, we wanted to remain focused on providing our customers and card holders with the most fuel efficient options possible to reduce the overall impact.

We would much rather fly two passengers safely and comfortably on a smaller and more fuel efficient four seat light jet, than a larger aircraft that has a higher fuel burn thus Co2 output.

Finally we continue to work at building improved network efficiency via our unique business model. We pass on lower prices to our customers as we’re able to link demand to the one aircraft.

It is reported private jets are flying empty at least 50-60% of the time. Through network efficiency, we have reduced that to 39%.

In the past 3 months, as network effect continues to grow, jets are flying empty just 35% of the time with our target being 20-25%.

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