Demystifying ‘No Positioning Fees’ for Access by Airly Card Holders

When we mention “no positioning fees” for our Access by Airly cardholders, what does it truly entail? Let’s simplify with a practical example:

Consider a flight from Sydney to the Gold Coast. Typically, if you weren’t part of our cardholder community, you’d incur costs for the jet flying empty to your location, then for your actual trip, and again for its return journey to its base. The expenses amplify if, for instance, a Sydney-based jet had to fly back empty after your ride.

However, as an Airly card holder, the dynamic shifts entirely in your favor. Here’s why: We’ve crafted our operations around network efficiencies. This means we charge you only for your occupied flight time. So, for the above scenario, you’d only be billed for the Sydney to Gold Coast segment.

What’s the magic behind this? Our growing community of cardholders, spread across the east coast, acts like interconnected dots in our operational map. A jet, after dropping one card holder in Melbourne, might whisk another to the Gold Coast before returning to base. This fluidity and our endeavor to constantly refine our model are what let us challenge traditional norms.

We’ve always pondered: What if we could transfer these efficiency savings directly to our cardholders? Would making private flying more economical encourage more individuals to experience it? Well, with 88 cardholders, 1,000 flight hours, and two years of operations behind us, the answer leans towards a resounding ‘yes’. As we forge ahead, we remain committed to offering value and reimagining private aviation, all thanks to our cardholder family’s unwavering support.

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