How experienced are private jet pilots?

How experienced are private jet pilots? Are they inferior to airline pilots? If either of those questions have been keeping you up at night you’re in luck. Let’s dive into it.

Private jet pilots are extremely qualified and experienced operators. They have undertaken all of their flight training – just like airlines pilots.

Private jet pilot career progression

They’ve progressed from single engine aircraft, flying charters in the outback or instructing new pilots. Your pilots then progressed to twin propeller work building crucial experience and hours before getting their chance on the private jet you find yourself on.

Is the type of flying the same?

One thing to consider, is that there’s a unique difference between what a private jet pilot experiences each day versus an airline pilot.

Private jets have autopilot, and sure they fly along the same routes as the airlines. But they’re often flying into smaller airports not served by the airlines. Said airports don’t have the precision approaches the airlines demand – requiring more lateral thinking for private jet pilots. We refer to this as less ‘on rails’ flying.

The experienced gained by having to fly ‘off the rails’ helps build unique skill sets that ensures a smooth and safe operation.

Are private jets pilots fresh out of an academy?

No, your pilot has thousands of hours before ever being able to fly a jet aircraft. And even once they have their jet ‘ticket’, they have to fly supervised for a further hundred hours.

In fact, there’s private jet pilots we rely on frequently that have come from the airlines, with over 20,000 hours of experience.

Maintaining standards

Finally, much like airline pilots, private jet pilots conduct regular training days as well as in flight reviews and emergency response training.

This article is in no way designed to discredit airline pilots, who are some of the most capable and experienced aviators in the industry. Instead, this article is designed to counter the argument that private jet pilots are not as experienced or skilled.

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