What is a Private Jet Card?

Private Jet Card

A private jet card enables holders to book from a designated type of aircraft at an agreed hourly rate. Generally obtained by pre-purchasing hours on a specific jet, the card is aimed at those in the market to purchase their own aircraft, but save on the maintenance and ongoing expenses.

Where did the concept originate?

The first private jet card originated in Boston in 1997, by a broker named Sentient. The card was developed in response to the growing popularity in fractional ownership programs championed by aviation powerhouse NetJets.

Both products were designed to provide a cleaner and simpler solution without the complexities of owning a private aircraft. For the term ‘jet card’ took on the meaning of bulk on-demand charter hours.

Private Jet Card

Providers have doubled in the past ten years

As expected with the industry, if a concept works it will be replicated and tinkered by many and for the jet card, this was the case.

As of 2018 there is believed to be over 250 providers providing a myriad of options including dynamic based, milage based, capped rate and even jets by the seat.

What factors to consider when purchasing a private jet card

If you’re in the market for a jet card do your research, because in some cases, it is difficult to void a contract and claw back pre-paid funds.

  1. Establish the upfront costs involved, including any maintenance, fuel and sign on fees?
  2. Ensure the expectations of the operator are clear, what is the availability policy, what if an aircraft isn’t available etc?
  3. What, if any, additional fees are payable and how are they charged?
  4. How long are your pre-paid hours valid, what happens to funds at the end of the contract period?

Do you even need a private jet card?

And herein begs the question, do you even need just a product? Especially in Australia.

At Airly our mission is, and always has been, to make flying private easier to understand that is accessible to more people at a more palatable price point.

But if you’re looking for a program that is similar to a jet card without the upfront cost and restrictive conditions – ACCESS may be the best solution.

What is a private jet card

Once a card holder, you can book from a streamlined fleet of four seat jets at an all-inclusive rate of $3,995 per occupied hour. You won’t pay for empty positioning fees or overnights. Fixed Base of Operations (FBO aka lounges) and gourmet catering are included where available.

You can learn more about our Australian-first program here.

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