Airlines believe your pet and luggage are one and the same

In December the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), Australia’s aviation regulator, passed legislation allowing for the transport of pets in the cabin of commercial aircraft.

As a note, assistance dogs have always been allowed on board.

A moved welcomed by pet owners alike, but realistically, none of Australia’s airlines have moved to change their policies.

Qantas and Jetstar turned a blind eye to the change, giving it no further thought.

Virgin and Rex said they’ll explore the option. Subtly flagging new revenue opportunities. Virgin even ran a poll on Facebook resulting in 68% of respondents voting in favour of allowing pets onboard.

Although we’re your pet’s biggest fans, we’re not quite sure what it would be like flying in a cabin full of anxious cats and dogs.

The good news is, your beloved furry family member is welcome on all Access by Airly flights.

Pet on Private Jet

There’s no additional fees to pay, just allow another 5-10mins for your pilot and ground staff to admire them.

It was our pet-friendly policy that resulted in Ally and Joey signing up to the program, ensuring little Ollie could travel with them stress-free.

Pet with couple on private jet

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