The Strategic Advantage of Fractional Ownership with Airly

The allure of private aviation has always been clear—unparalleled luxury, unmatched privacy, and ineffable convenience. But the tides are shifting, and with Airly’s latest initiative, “Fractional by Airly,” private aviation is becoming not just an exclusive privilege but a smart financial move.

Introducing Fractional by Airly

At its core, Fractional by Airly offers a share in a Phenom 100 or Phenom 300 jet. But it’s more than shared ownership; it’s a strategic investment. Here’s how:

  1. Optimised Depreciation Benefits: One of the savvy aspects of aircraft ownership is leveraging depreciation for tax advantages. With Fractional by Airly, you gain exposure to these benefits, proportionate to your share. This allows for a balanced investment where you can potentially utilise depreciation to your fiscal advantage, without the burden of full ownership.
  2. Profit Sharing: When you’re not flying, your aircraft could be. With Airly, 80% of all profits from the use of your aircraft by card holders and customers is shared with you, offsetting costs and potentially even providing a return on your investment.
  3. Cost-Effectiveness: Fractional by Airly significantly lowers the financial entry point to private aviation, offering all the benefits of ownership without the traditionally associated costs.
  4. Hassle-Free Management: We handle the complexities—from maintenance to administration—freeing you from the operational burden and leaving you with the enjoyment.

A New Era for Cardholders and Charter Customers

For prospective owners, fractional ownership enhances value through potential returns on the aircraft’s usage and a stake in a high-value asset. Charter customers are welcomed into a new echelon of service, where the predictability of costs and access to aircraft is coupled with financial benefits.

Forging the Future

Fractional by Airly isn’t just about today’s luxury; it’s about tomorrow’s smart asset management. It represents a future where private aviation is not only accessible but a judicious addition to one’s portfolio. This is private aviation with a purpose—where each owner not only enjoys the journey but also benefits from the economics of aviation asset ownership.

As we embark on this journey, we invite you to explore how Fractional by Airly can redefine not just how you fly, but how you engage with the world of private aviation from a financial perspective.

Join us in this innovative move forward. For more information, let’s connect.

Fly smarter, invest wiser, with Airly.

Own your peace.

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