Booking a private jet saved our customer 9 hours.

Booking a private jet

What do our customers think when booking a private jet?

Do they fly private because of their wealth, or to show off?

Of course not! Instead, booking a private jet gives them a tool enabling hours to be saved each and every trip.

On this occasion, booking a jet saved our card holder around 9 days in a single day.

While enjoying the record snow fall the past winter with his family, our customer had a critical business meeting arise in Sydney.

The option was to ensure a 11 hour round trip on the highway, or fly private.

Rather than driv , he entrusted Airly to whisk him safely from Cooma to Sydney in just 45 minutes.

Following a successful meeting, the trusty Citation Mustang was ready and waiting to take him back to the family to continue their holiday.

Scheduled around you, saving you time.

Booking a private jet to save time, not show off.

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