Not a minute wasted

You’re flying commercial, you arrive to the terminal within the timeframe the airline requests.

Through security, to the lounge to then find out that due to earlier delays – your flight is now delayed.

A frustrating experience that we now tend to accept and expect when flying for business.

In stark contract, take a look at the events our card holder experienced recently flying out of Sydney.

Our card holder booked the four seat Citation Mustang private jet from Sydney to Gold Coast.

Unfortunately there were storms surrounding Sydney, and all ground operation were ceased, which is done for the safety of ground crew and passengers.

A common sighting at Sydney Airport

But what happened once the storms had cleared is what sets flying private apart from flying commercial. Especially on a delay-inducing event like this.

Because of the lightning, passengers were stuck in the terminal or forced to remain in their aircraft till the weather cleared. So you can only imagine the chaos that ensured once ground operations resumed. A massive catchup task for the airlines.

For our card holder, it was a quick wait for the bad weather to pass in the private jet lounge.

The perk of flying private

For our card holders, they simply walked 20 metres to their jet, and were airborne five minutes later.

No stress, no crowds, just an unusual level of calm compared to the domestic terminals around the corner.

And to cap things off, the airliner behind them on arrival into the Gold Coast was five hours late due to earlier delays that day.

You see, we cannot control the weather.

But when our core focus is on you and your safety, we can plan, adjust quickly and ensure the impact on your schedule is at an absolute minimum.

The value for flying private isn’t because the seat is nicer, although it is. But for the convenience and flexibility the airlines simply cannot provide.

Once we received the all clear, our card holder was wheels up within 5 minutes

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