Maximise Your Business and Leisure Travel with the Airly Jet Card

For high-earning professionals, the benefits of efficient, flexible travel can’t be overstated. Let’s compare a common scenario for a Profile 3 executive who frequently travels between Melbourne and Sydney for business, and Melbourne to Ballina for leisure, with and without the Airly Private Jet Card.

Without the Airly Jet Card

  • Business Travel: Booking charters between Melbourne and Sydney can quickly add up, often costing upwards of $13,000 per trip. Add in the inconvenience of last-minute scheduling and potential delays, and it’s a recipe for lost productivity and increased stress.
  • Leisure Travel: For those spontaneous family trips to Ballina, chartering a private jet without a card can be prohibitively expensive, making it a rare luxury rather than a regular part of your lifestyle.

With the Airly Jet Card

  • Cost Efficiency: With the Airly Jet Card, you save significantly on every flight. Imagine flying Melbourne to Sydney and back for business multiple times a month, with a per-hour rate that slashes your travel budget by thousands annually.
  • Flexibility: The Jet Card offers guaranteed availability with just 48 hours’ notice. No more scrambling for last-minute bookings or dealing with inflexible schedules.
  • Tax Benefits: Use the Jet Card for your business travel and enjoy the potential tax deductions that come with it. It’s a smart way to optimize your expenses while maintaining top-tier travel standards.
  • Leisure Travel: Beyond business, the Jet Card offers the same cost savings for leisure trips. Whether it’s a weekend getaway to Ballina or a family holiday, enjoy the luxury of private travel without the prohibitive costs of ad-hoc charters.

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The Bottom Line

The Airly Jet Card is not just a tool for convenience; it’s a strategic investment in your time and finances. By integrating both business and leisure travel under one cost-effective umbrella, you stand to save tens of thousands annually, all while enjoying unmatched flexibility and luxury.

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